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Post Brexit-Logistics

in these segments the consequences from Brexit shift will be experienced directly and immediately. We receive daily online updates from 

Border Operating Modell

The most important tool is the Border Operating Modell. This helps to better understand and manage logistics between UK and EU. Here is the latest update from November. The new schedule provides for the introduction of the following measures:

1.1.2022: Complete customs declarations and controls

1.1.2022: Pre-registration of goods that are subject to veterinary or phytosanitary provisions (SPS goods)

1.7.2022: Security declarations (ESumA) for imports

1.7.2022: Certification and goods controls for:

  • any remaining regulated animal by-products all regulated plants and
  • plant products all meat and
  • meat products all other high-risk foods of non-animal origin

1.7.2022: Relocation of the import controls of

  • plants and
  • plant products with high priority from the place of destination to designated border control posts (BCP)

1.7.2022: Import controls of live animals take place at designated border inspection posts (for exceptions see BOM document p. 9.).

1.9.2022: Certificates and physical checks for all dairy products

1.11.2022: Certificates and physical checks for all other regulated products of animal origin, including composite products and fish products.

Important: Exception for trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain from January 1st, 2022

It was decided at short notice to suspend the full customs controls for goods traffic between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, which will apply from January 1, 2022. This is intended to be an interim solution that will apply until a final solution is found in the negotiations on the Northern Ireland Protocol. For goods traffic between the EU and UK, however, the controls are scheduled to take place from January 1st.

A December update of the border operating model was published for this purpose.

UK Border Operating Model Update December 2021

Distribution between EU and UK

faces changes to distribution hubs in the UK. It is important to note that goods can no longer be easily shipped between the EU and the UK. For these goods, customs duties are imposed on the rcpk shipment  to the EU, as they fall into the third country status.   Only if these goods are subject to further processing in the UK can they be reprocessed. continue to enjoy preference status. The UK and UK have issued guidelines for this, which are available for download  here:

Brexit Guidance for Distribution Hubs 

Brexit Guidance for EU UK Trade 

Logistik Flowcharts

We have selected flowcharts from the UK GOV site and converted them in single sheets, which are more easy to use.

Brexit - Flowchart Get Logistics Ready UK to EU

Brexit - Flowchart Get Logistics Ready EU to UK


this coding system becomes more important in future. From the UK site has been issued the document Mythbuster, for which we have created a German translation. Both version are available for download here 

EORI-Aufklärer Deutsch


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